South Florida Chapter History

Founded June 24, 1989, 100 Black Men of South Florida, Inc. (the “100”), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is a group of men in business, industry, public affairs, government and the professions who share a common goal of improving the quality of life for African-Americans and other minorities. The founding members of the 100 believe that they needed to take a leadership role toward effecting such improvement by combating the plagues of illiteracy, professional stagnation, and political and economic disenfranchisement which infect our community. The 100 was formed to provide its members with a vehicle through which the requisite action could be taken to improve conditions within our community.

The Founding Members of the 100 were: Steve Bullock, William E. Diggs, John E. Dixon, Jr., Albert E. Dotson, Jr., Antonio Junior, Dewey W. Knight, III, Joseph L. Moore, Baron D. Thrower, Mark A. Valentine, and Lynn C. Washington.

During the past 25 years, the 100 successfully implemented numerous programs in furtherance of its purpose, which include:
The Leadership Academy: Designed and implemented Project Success, which was an eight year commitment to mentoring, tutoring and otherwise assisting young Black males through secondary and undergraduate education, career selection and manhood. Now, the 100 has launched the next phase of Project Success – The Leadership Academy.

The Leadership Academy builds on the successful ongoing programs and projects of the 100 and our affiliate chapters across the country. The Leadership Academy intends to become a part of South Florida’s Civic Infrastructure by rendering youth intervention and prevention services. More specifically, the Leadership Academy intends to transform the motivation of young African-American males who participate (the “young Leaders”) from the development of interests and skills that produce a de-emphasis on education and lead to negative social or criminal behavior into a motivation that promotes the development of a well-rounded, positive, success-oriented individual.

The Leadership Academy develops, among other things, specialized programs for improving cognitive skills and overall development of the Young Leaders, addresses early needs of at-risk youth by providing counseling before problems become critical, i.e., before students drop out of school or engage the criminal justice system.

100 South Florida Chapter Presidents

Founding President • Albert E. Dotson, Jr.
Second President • William E. Diggs
Third President • Lynn C. Washington
Fourth President • Albert E. Dotson, Jr.
Fifth President • William E. Diggs
Six President • Jonathan L. Dotson
Seven President • Bobby L. Hall
Eighth President • Ellis A. Adger, Jr.
Current President • Stephen H. Johnson