Member Expectations

100 Black Men is comprised of successful and committed Black Men in the South Florida area coming together to make a difference in the lives of our youths. (A copy of our member names can be provided upon request)

It is expected of all our members to:

  1. Serve on at least one committee
  2. Participate in our mentoring efforts
  3. Participate in our programs, i.e. Dr. Harold Guinyard Leadership Academy, Positive Youth Development, Collegiate 100, etc.
  4. Attend regularly scheduled events and meetings
  5. Pay all dues in a timely manner

For more information on the process of becoming a member please click on options below:

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  • Cost of Membership
  • Fill out Application

In addition to the primary benefits of having the opportunity to make a difference in the community and impact the life of a youth in a positive way, members of 100 gain the following additional benefits:

  1. Being a member of 100 and doing volunteer work may meet your company expectations for community involvement. Some companies pay for their employees to join the organization.
  2. You become a member of an organization that is known and respected nationally by major corporations
  3. Being a member of the South Florida Chapter gives you access to other members nationwide.
  4. The opportunity to network with other successful Blacks in South Florida who come from diverse industries, but come together around a common goal.
  5. Ability to attend social events that are often free to members but cost non-members.
  6. Participation in quarterly social events that provide exposure and key information from prominent corporate and political leaders.
  7. Potential to gain access to various corporations through work on fund-raising and volunteer activities.
  8. Opportunity to promote your business and ideas to other members.
  9. New members are partnered with a current member who will work with you and help you learn the organization