Collegiate 100

The Collegiate 100 had its beginning at Prairie View A&M University in 1993 by Frederick V. Roberts, then director of Student Activities. The impetus for the group was a mentoring program sponsored for female students by the Coalition of 100 Black Women of Houston. The original group included male and female students who provided leadership and mentoring for the students at the university. Roberts, being a charter member of the newly recognized 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston Chapter, Inc. (formed in March 1994 and approved at the National convention June 1994) of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. presented the proposal to seek affiliation with the national organization.

The chapter, led by Attorney Benjamin Pigott, accepted and approved the proposal for the Collegiate 100 in its November 1994 meeting. The proposal was presented to the Board of Directors of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., at its December 1994 Leadership Board Meeting. The proposal was unanimously adopted and thus began the national launch of the Collegiate 100. The 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston, Inc. hosted its Inaugural Ball in November at the Hyatt Regency and recognized the students for their leadership in helping to form the organization. Some of the first members of the Collegiate 100[4] at PVAMU were Robert Brown, Horace Bussey, Kevin Bussey, Sherry Cardigan, Lelar Corbett, Loretta Davis, Cedric Goodman, Jason Jefferson, Christina Johnson, Marcus Lane, Andre’ Pitre, Derrick Ross, Devyon Smith, Michael Smith and Donna Tomlinson. Today, some chapters only have male members and or have one organization with two segments led by male and female presidents.
Every collegiate chapter must have a faculty or staff member on staff at the university to head the chapter. That person must also be an active member of 100 Black Men to ensure the chapter runs efficiently and effectively.

The 100 Black Men of South Florida. is the sponsor for three Collegiate 100 Chapters as follows:

  • Florida International University
  • University of Miami