The Leadership Academy: A Success Story

The Leadership Academy: A Success Story

The Leadership Academy is the 100 Black men of South Florida, Inc. premier mentoring initiative, we are enabling young men the ability to strive to higher heights. Enclosed we have provided you with an excerpt of an email we received from one of our Young Leaders, who now is a freshman at MorehouseCollege. His name is Matthew Pigatt. During his first semester, he made the Dean’s List.

“My name is Matthew Pigatt. I am a one of your recent graduate of the Leadership Academy of South Florida. First of all, I want to thank you for the scholarship received; it assisted me greatly in experiencing the college life. Living in this world as a young African-American male is tough. And the impact of being able to look at some of the many successful black men of the 100 Black Men of South Florida gave me encouragement and set the tone for my achievement. I would have never made it without the dedication of the men involved the LeadershipAcademy and for that I want to say thank you. ”

“And as my mentors, I would like to inform you of how my first semester of college went. I LOVED it. I went to many events trying to take full advantage of the college life but I didn’t do too much because it was my first semester and I wanted my grades right first. I just wanted to get a feel of the college life so that I can be prepared for the rest. My grades came out alright to me; however, I need them to be better. Also, my interest lies within these four majors: Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and the most important to me African-American Studies. I don’t know if I am going to major in one or double/triple major and/or minor in one or two. I love to learn and it won’t be a problem for me to take all. I also realize the fact that with these majors I have locked myself into going to graduate school. ”

Mr. Pigatt is a very special young man because when he first started the program, he was a “D” student. It is stories and testimonies like this that make what we do important. His Mentors are Mark A. Valentine, Esq. and Glendon Hall.

Bobby L. Hall
Vice President – Programs • 100 Black Men of South Florida

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